Queries & FAQs

Can Homeopathic Sugar Pellets Be Taken By Diabetics Also?

4-5 Pellets, Taken 4 Times A Day Contain Approx. 1 Gram Of Sugar. So There Is No Harm In Taking Homeopathic Pills By Diabetics.

Can Homeopathic Medicines Prevent Certain Diseases?

Prevention Of Infectious Diseases Is Not Possible By Homeopathic Medicines As Homeopathic Prescription Needs Symptoms Before Prescribing.

Can Homeopathic Medicines Be Used To Treat Recurring Illnesses?

Homeopathic Treatment Reduces The Intensity And Frequency Of Episodes Or Outbreaks Drastically And Generally Gives A Complete Cure.

Can Homeopathic Medicines Be Used To Treat Autoimmune Disorders?

Homeopathic Medicines Works Best In Most Of The Autoimmune Disorders And Improve Quality Of Life A Lot.

Can Homeopathic Medicines Be Used To Treat Cancer?

There Are No Specific Homeopathic Medicines For Cancer But Homeopathic Medicines Can Relieve Some Symptoms And Improve Patient’s General Health.

How To Administer Homeopathic Medicines To Kids Who Cannot Take Sugar Pellets?

Homeopathic Medicines May Be Dissolved In Water For Easier Administration To Small Children

Are The Dosage For Adults And Children Same?

Since The Activity Of Homeopathic Medicines Is Not Body-Mass Dependent So The Dosage Is Generally The Same For Both Adults And Children.

Can Homeopathic Medicines Be Given To Children?

Homeopathic Medicines Can Be Given To Children Without Risk.

Can Homeopathic Medicines And Allopathic Treatments Be Used Simultaneously?

There Are No Contraindications Between Allopathic And Homeopathic Medicines When Taken Simultaneously. Homeopathic Physician May Prescribe These Medications Alone Or In Combination With Others According To The Patient’s Need.

Are Homeopathic Medicines Less Effective If The Pellets Are Touched With Hands?

Avoid Touching Homeopathic Medicines With Bare Hands. They Are Not Affected When Touched.

Can Homeopathic Medicines Act Fast Enough?

When Used For Acute, Occasional Illnesses, Homeopathic Medicines Can Take Effect Very Quickly, Especially If They Are Taken As Soon As Symptoms Appear. For Chronic Disorders Such As Psoriasis, Asthma, Migraines And Allergies, Longer Treatments Are Needed To See A Good Complete Relief.

How Are Homeopathic Medicines Prescribed?


Homeopathic Medicines Are Prescribed After Getting The Patient’s Thorough History And Making Diagnosis. Before Prescribing We Take Several Criteria Into Account: Patient’s Current Problem Or Illness, Medical History, Any Laboratory Analyses Or X-Rays, As Well As Patient’s Reactions To Environment (Cold Or Warm, Etc.) Patient’s Behavior, Personality (Worrisome, Irritable, Etc.) And Constitution.

Are Homeopathic Medicines Safe?


Homeopathic Medicines Above 4C Concentration Are Safe And Have No Contraindications Or Known Side Effects

What Is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy Is A System Of Medicine Originated In 1796 By Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Based On The ‘Law Of Similars’ (Let Like Be Cured By Like), According To Which A Substance That Causes The Symptoms Of A Disease In Healthy People Will Cure That Disease In Sick People.

What Is The Cost Of Treatment Here At KHC?

Cost Of Treatment Is Nominal Just Rs.1200/- For New Case And Rs.900/- For Follow Up Cases With 1 Month Medication For Indian Citizens. For Citizens Of Other Countries, The Charges Are $45.